• I am not an influencer - I loathe the word influencer. I dislike the presumptuousness of many of those (not all) who call themselves influencers, and the expectant entitled nature of so many who believe that because they have a few thousand followers (sometimes fewer) that they are automatically influencers. Followers do not equal free stuff. Pictured: WhatΒ I think whenΒ I hear […]
  • NYX Cosmetics - Hello From NYX Professional Makeup!
  • It’s Okay - To not be okay.
  • KVD Eyeshadow Quads - I saved $28 dollars by purchasing all four of these Kat Von D eyeshadow quads on sale.
  • Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Lipstick aesthetic&contrast aestheticandcontrast The Perfect Pout - This past Wednesday, I came to the realization that the public side of the blogging/instagram/internet world probably isn’t for me. I walked into this stunningly lovely event, full of beautiful people, all gathered together to celebrate the launch of a fantastic lipstick line…and my heart sank. I don’t belong here. I’m not as beautiful, fabulous, […]
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Fallout Eyeshadow Palette ABH Subculture – ABH - Oh the scandal! The intrigue! The Drama! After the generally accepted awesomeness of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette – I was halfway floored to hear the chatter around the quality of the Subculture Palette.
  • Stevie’s Ride or Die List: - Being the makeup junkies that we all are – we know the struggle when it comes to choosing what to work with from day to day. But we all also have that handful of products that we cannot stray from, those products that get incorporated into every (or nearly every) look.
  • How the Magic Happened - For your consideration: a newlywed style origin story of our friendship/sweet little blog: Where did you meet? Laura: I was walking the streets of IG and stumbled upon the coolest navy and yellow eyeshadow pic. It was lub at first sight.
  • Meet Stevie - Oh hello! I’m Stevie, half of Aesthetic & Contrast – I’d say the weird, quirky, silly half – but I can’t count the number of “me too!” moments I have with my blogging partner, Laura. I also can’t take credit for being the creative one or the funny one, so let’s go with the blonde […]


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