• It’s like “The Purge”……without the killing partΒ  - Foreword: I love to write, I find it therapeutic and sometimes I feel like I have important stories to share. Besides the all skin and makeup tip stuffs. I hope this helps you all out too. Leave a comment letting me know if you would like more of these more personal stories from us.  -Laura […]
  • Ride or Die Laura style - Although, I am a connoisseur of all things beauty, I do have a nice pile of items that I consistently reach for in my daily regimen. So I present to you my personal Ride or Die: (Let’s start with skin care first) Blood of Virgins- Just kidding. There’s not very many of those left…..I kid […]
  • How the Magic Happened - For your consideration: a newlywed style origin story of our friendship/sweet little blog: Where did you meet? Laura: I was walking the streets of IG and stumbled upon the coolest navy and yellow eyeshadow pic. It was lub at first sight.
  • Meet Laura - Since I was a little girl, I have loved everything about fashion and beauty. For example: I loved it so much that when I was in preschool I made my own skincare and makeup from Mother Nature. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out well when I made the decision to skip the trusty gutter water mud […]


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