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The Perfect Pout

This past Wednesday, I came to the realization that the public side of the blogging/instagram/internet world probably isn’t for me. I walked into this stunningly lovely event, full of beautiful people, all gathered together to celebrate the launch of a fantastic lipstick line…and my heart sank. I don’t belong here. I’m not as beautiful, fabulous, confident or socially astute as any one of the people here. Continue reading “The Perfect Pout”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Fallout Eyeshadow Palette ABH
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Subculture – ABH

Oh the scandal! The intrigue! The Drama!

After the generally accepted awesomeness of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette – I was halfway floored to hear the chatter around the quality of the Subculture Palette. Continue reading “Subculture – ABH”

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ZPalette Dupe

I’m a single shadow junkie. Well, I’m a makeup junkie, but I have an embarrassingly (or impressively, depending on whether you’re insane like me) large collection of single shadows. Until now, I have shelled out $28 a pop for an XL ZPalette on Amazon. These palettes hold anywhere fro 20-35 single shadows depending on the pan size and shape. That’s nearly $1 per shadow to store them conveniently. I just spent $1 per shadow at the Coastal Scents’ hot pot sale.


But, until now, I didn’t have much else as an option for storage. I need to have windows on my palettes, so I can see what’s inside of them. Even with labels, I still won’t know what exactly is inside until I open them up, and with upwards of 10 palettes, windows are just the easiest way to pick which shadows I want for the day.

Also, sorry guys, size matters. I have a lot of shadows, so I need these suckers to be biggggggg. But also slim, so I’m not using a dictionary sized palette to hold 20 shadows…that would just defeat the purpose of depotting them. My makeup has already taken over a bedroom/office in my house, I don’t want to have to install library-style shelves floor to ceiling to house all of this stuff. (Though, that would look pretty awesome. – Making a mental note for when I have helicopter money)

Many internet searches and 1,000’s of suggestions/review readings later – I settled on the below palette to be my stepping-out-of-the-zpalette-box first.

These gold glittery palettes of excitement are about 10″x 5.5″x .5″ compared to the XL palette which is 8.25″ x 6.2″x.56″ . They’re pretty similar in total area, with these dupes having just a bit more space. Their shape is different, with the gold glittery goodness being taller and less wide, and ever-so-slightly shorter.

Coming in at (as of the time of this post writing – you know how often Amazon prices change) $8.48 with $1.02 shipping for a total of $9.50 – these palettes are significantly cheaper than the $25 with free shipping (if you’re an Amazon Prime member) at almost 1/3 of the price, I can very easily justify the purchase of these to replace my Palettes, as well as the few drawbacks in quality that I have found.


What are those drawbacks? I’m glad you asked. These are quite obviously coming from China, where – plenty of great items are manufactured, as well as tons of crappy subpar items. Quality is not always #1, which is reflected in the price. Also, I’ll have to check it out, but I’d be surprised if official ZPalettes weren’t also manufactured in China.

  1. Bent Corners – Though these came wrapped in plastic and inside their own glittery cardboard boxes which match the palette themselves, a few of the corners were bent a bit, like they’d been dropped on the edge. For me, this was an annoyance – but not a deal breaker. I’ll be real, I’d have caused these bent corners within a week myself.
  2. Glue Residue –  Two of the three that I purchased had a little string of glue across the window/lid. It was super thin and small – and I haven’t attempted to remove it yet (I’m planning/scheming to doit properly) but again, my original ZPalettes have funk, scratches and all kinds of weirdness on them.
  3. Lid Magnets are Weaker -The magnets that hold the lid closed are not as strong as the original Zpalette, but seem like they’re definitely strong enough to keep the lid shut. I’m not worried about the lid just popping open when its on my desk, or stacked on their side in my bookcase where I store them.

I’ll obviously be sure to update this in case anything changes! I want to steer you guys in the right direction, and give you all of the options you might want. All things considered, I am excited I found these, and will definitely be purchasing more as I need them. *Cough Cough* As soon as Coastal Scents has another hot pot sale.

Any questions about these palettes? Feel free to shoot them down below in the comments, I’m always happy to answer!

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Stevie’s Ride or Die List:

Being the makeup junkies that we all are – we know the struggle when it comes to choosing what to work with from day to day. But we all also have that handful of products that we cannot stray from, those products that get incorporated into every (or nearly every) look. Continue reading “Stevie’s Ride or Die List:”

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How the Magic Happened

For your consideration: a newlywed style origin story of our friendship/sweet little blog:

Where did you meet?

Laura: I was walking the streets of IG and stumbled upon the coolest navy and yellow eyeshadow pic. It was lub at first sight. Continue reading “How the Magic Happened”


Meet Stevie

Oh hello! I’m Stevie, half of Aesthetic & Contrast – I’d say the weird, quirky, silly half – but I can’t count the number of “me too!” moments I have with my blogging partner, Laura. I also can’t take credit for being the creative one or the funny one, so let’s go with the blonde one. I’m definitely blonde. Here’s a little peek into what brought me here today: Continue reading “Meet Stevie”