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The end…of summer

Le gasp! Can you believe that it’s almost the end of summer? Well, for some of us, it is rapidly approaching. Seeing the middle of August on my calendar I felt this was the perfect time to give you all some guidance on how to cope with the changing of the seasons affecting your skin!

Everyone’s skin is different ( you’re probably going to be tired of me saying that) and if you checked out my previous post it will offer more of a direction on routine. This post will be all about preventive maintenance in the form of 5 handy steps to getting your skin in shape for the Fall. 

1) Treat your skin to a facial– If you don’t already do this you are missing out! Not only is it relaxing and pampering, it’s also a great way to stimulate cell renewal and circulate the lymphatic system. Extremely important to help move bacteria and other  microorganisms into the lymph nodes to be destroyed. This keeping your tissues healthier. I don’t recommend anything aggressive like chemical exfoliations and microdermabrasion UNLESS you are done hanging out in the great outdoors for a few weeks. Sloughing off the upper layer exposes beautiful fresh skin that will pigment and can be damaged quickly if you are not careful. So make absolutely sure you are done being a golden goddess for a while. I always like to get my aggressive treatments after the first snowfall or cold snap for you lucky snow free folk. (Need a good on a budget at home facial? Comment below and I’ll write one up!)

2) Throw away expired product- This is the perfect chance to do some decluttering in your life. When your throwing out those pics of exes you should also throw out the products that have been around too long. I won’t get into the makeup part but for skin care you should toss moisturizers and eye creams 6-9 mos after opening. I personally feel, if you are sticking your grubby hands in the container you should keep it 3 months max. Save yourself some trouble and get a plastic or bamboo scoop to dispense products in jars. If you hate a product and you’re still holding onto it throw it away! If the jar is pretty or it’s a status symbol of a splurge gone bad, I say scoop out the product and use the jar for something else. Put you $20 face cream in the $300 jar……not that I do that or anything………
3) Use a gentle cleanser- You’re probably asking yourself how this is an end of summer tip. When the seasons change your skin can freak the freak out. By using a gentle sulfate-free cleanser it can ease the growing pains. My favorite is Special cleansing gel or Ultra calming cleanser from Dermalogica. (It’s hard to find fragrance free products sometimes because according to the FDA fragrance is also a preservative and vice versa). The most important thing is to not strip your acid mantle which can cause undue stress to your skin. Be gentle. You’ll thank me later. 

4) Switch your moisturizer- I can guarantee what worked for you this summer will not be the best for the upcoming fall season. For one, your skin will be faced with different elements. Be it snow, wind, rain, sun, tacos etc. Your skin will be different. I personally switch to a heavier hydration because Wyoming is extra harsh with wind and cold. Experiment. Get samples and try them out. It’s ok to buy the sample size until you know what works. (I’m currently in love with Origins sample set I picked up from Ulta. It’s amazing and I found tons of new favorites).  

5) Drink lots of water- I know. I know. How cliche but what do you have to lose?  Although it hasn’t been proven to improve skin health, it hasn’t been disproven. Water flushes toxins out of the body. Your skin is the largest organ of the human body with an area of 20 square feet…..whaaaat?? That’s a lot of skin. Because your skin is one of the few visible organs it will show signs of illness and disturbances in the body.  Sallow skin, hives, or dry patches can give clues to internal problems. When you drink water it reaches your organs and cells before it will reach your skin but fear not, that’s ok! You need healthy organs and cells. They keep us running smooth. It’s been proven that dehydration causes headaches and fatigue. Nobody like headaches or being tired. So detox your body with water. Not coffee. Not soda. Waaater. 

So there you have it friends! 5 simple end of summer tips to help you transition into the next season. You can apply this to any seasonal change. I even made an adorable infographic for you to pin to Pinterest or save! 

What are your tips for end of summer skincare?? 

Aesthetic and Contrast

Skintastic adventure with Laura!

You can buy all the makeup in the world, but if your skin isn’t healthy you’re wasting money and time.


Hey! It’s me! Laura, the skin care sheriff! If you didn’t already know I am obsessed with all things skin. Primarily, the science of skin care and how everyone’s skin is different. Like a snowflake there are no two skin types that are alike. Seriously. Even though the consumer marketing world has labeled you normal/oily (or what have you) the truth is your skin is unique and should be treated that way! I could write a 10k word thesis on the topic, but I’ll spare you. Instead I will share my personal skin care routine as requested by popular demand:

Let me give you the lowdown on my skin type…… The older I get the more dehydrated my skin has become. I also have a tendency to get monstrous hormonal breakouts if I’m not strict about my routine. The seasons also play a huge role in my skin health and I live in Wyoming. Its a square shaped state in the middle of the US. Filled with antelope and sometimes extreme harsh climate. Drying winds and 99% sunny all year long. As much as I think I have a wrap on things Mother Nature kicks my skin’s tookus. So I do change up my products. I just don’t change up the routine. The easiest way to explain this is to just breakdown my routine. 

Let’s begin shall we:

(I really wanted to quote Kesha but is that even cool anymore?)

  1. Wash my face with a warm wash cloth. If my skin feels dry and flakey I will use a little Precleanse to break up the funk. Otherwise with my skin being clean from the night before I shouldn’t have to do much. 
  2. Tone tone tone. This is a step I absolutely do not skip on. Your skin is acidic and in order to reset the ph you need a Toner to kick things back in gear. Your serums will absorb better and if you use a Glycolic or Aha based Toner it will give additional glowing goodness to your skin. Aka chemical exfoliation. You’re welcome. Your skin is going to be better than it ever has been if you use the right Toner. You can even use good ol witch hazel
  3. I scream. You scream. We all scream for eye cream. I am a few short years from 40. Of course that’s not old but my skin has been around for almost 40 years so the little fine lines and loss of elasticity is pretty apparent as of late. I like a hydrating, depuffing, brightening, and of course anti aging cream. MAKE SURE IT IS FOR EYES. Please do not break my heart by using face or body cream on your delicate little under eyes. It’s too heavy and can pull at the skin. Hence, why I don’t recommend the scotch tape trick for eye makeup. We can talk about that later though. Tip: use your fourth/ring finger to apply product and gently pat into the skin. Same goes for concealer. 
  4. Serum treatments. I change this up daily. Kind of like my hair. Or underwear. There are kabillions of serums. For daytime I tend to go for firming and hyaluronic acid based ones. I feel it keeps my makeup looking fresh. Tip: make sure to pat this into the skin in upward motions. If it rolls and balls up sometimes that means you used too much or didn’t get all your facewash off. Sometimes it means it’s just not compatible for the day time. Don’t throw it away just use it at night instead. 
  5. Moisturizzzzzzer. I am on the endless hunt for moisturizers. I feel it works for a bit then it stops. So I switch it up. Remember day creams are for daytime. Nightcreams are for night. Currently I’m in love with Water infused creams. They’re lightweight but ultra hydrating (not oily). Remember there is a difference between grease and moisture. Coconut oil=grease (sorry not sorry). Jojoba oil=moisture. I digress. Another topic. Another post. Carry on…
  6. SUNSCREEN mutha fluffa. There is a reason I do not look my age. I slather this on even if I’m indoors all day. No less than 30 spf. Especially if you are using anti aging or acne products. Protect your skin. It’s the only one you have. Once again make sure it’s for your face or else you may break out. You’ve been warned. Tip: remember to apply it to your neck and chest. Any skin care routine should be brought down onto the décollete and back of hands. 

I know you take your makeup off one side at a time too

Night time:

  1. Remove eye makeup with either micellar water or eye makeup remover. I love Bi-Facil from Lancome. My eyebrows are liquid lipstick and can be a bitch to get off. This helps gently break it down so I don’t tug at my aging skin. 
  2. Precleanse to remove all the makeup. If you still don’t know what Precleanse is check out my Ride or Die for more info. If my face feels dry I won’t follow it with any facewash. Anytime my skin dries out I break out. 
  3. Cleanse with gentle cleanser. I use Dermalogica Special cleansing gel (a pea size amount will clean your entire face!) or Philosophy Purity. Only if my skin is not feeling depleted. I do not use a clarisonic or scrubbing brush just because I use exfoliants daily as well as a washcloth. It’s your choice though. Remember though that too much exfoliation is bad and can cause dry patches, thin skin and hyperpigmentation. 
  4. Tone! Never gonna give it up. At night I use witch hazel just to soothe my skin from a long day of being smothered in makeup. Tip: to control product usage I put my Toner into a misting travel size bottle. I use a cotton round with Toner to help remove excess makeup but otherwise I will mist my clean face before the next steps. 
  5. Exfoliate all the sins away. I do this every other day. My favs are Kate Somerville exfolikate, Philosophy microdelivery and Dermalogica Daily microfoliant. Side note: If it burns or leaves tiny abrasions it’s not good! I had a microdermabrasion cream that literally cut my face. The rep said that was normal! It isn’t and that’s a great way to age your skin and cause irreversible damage. Tip: When you exfoliate focus on the dry spots and trouble areas. Leaving delicate spots like cheeks for last. The key is to exfoliate away dead skin and stimulate cell renewal. Not cheese grate your face off. Ps please stop using apricot scrub on your face. It’s too harsh. It’s perfect for your body though. Thanks. 
  6. Tone again. You can never tone enough in my book. I actually use two types of Toner at night but it’s ok to just use the witch hazel. Reset that PH so the next steps can do their job.
  7. Serum or mask. Your choice. I love sheet masks because they do it all. Remember to choose wisely. If you don’t have acne don’t use a clearing skin mask. You will aggravate and dry the Halifax out of your skin. Breakouts happen when the skin is stressed or agitated. Be nice to your face. 
  8. Eye cream!! Need I say more??
  9. Treat. This is the time to apply spot treatments for acne or hyperpigmentation etc. My favorite spot treatment for breakouts is Dermalogica breakout control. It uses lactobacillus (healthy bacteria) which I find genius! It works amazingly too. Another fav is Mario Badescu drying lotion. It smells like sulfur but works amazing to shrink down any of those angry blemishes. 
  10. Moisturize. Night cream. Who would’ve thought I would embrace my Nana’s skin routine? Aside from Evian facial spray I totally get the purpose of a night cream. Your skin is exposed for 6-10 hours and this is the perfect time to protect it and repair it. My current fav is Lancome Energie de vie nuit. It’s an overnight recovery sleeping mask. Ugh. It’s so good. It smells awesome too.  There are thousands to choose from to find the best for your skin concerns and type. A good ol fashion night cream is fantastic too. 

So this leads into my final thoughts….. if you do any of this I really stress the importance of washing your face at night. If you do one thing. Wash your face at night! Seriously. It will set your skin up for success. You will notice a huge difference in clarity and texture. Oh and of course sunscreen. Don’t be that guy. Just do it. 

You’re never too tired to wash yo face. Seriously. Mind over matter.

It takes 21 days to create a habit. My suggestion is this: 

  • Keep a skin care journal. Log your routine and see if you can figure out what may cause issues or what is a win. 
  • Keep facial wipes and spray Toner next to your bed in case you feel lazy. Get that eye makeup off! Let your delicate skin breathe. 
  • Drink a lot of water. Every time you enter a room or before you text someone drink a few sips. Keep hydrated. 
  • Nutrition is so important. I’m not a Doctor. But I’m opinionated like one and I will tell you that my recent dietary change has helped my skin immensely. Everyone is different though so do your research and consult with a physician before progressing. 
  • Skin care does not have to be pricey. Sometimes expensive does not equal better. Be cautious of ingredients. Keeping the journal will help. I personally find Neutrogena and Simple make fantastic products to incorporate into the routine for less money. 

I have a healthy obsession not so environmentally friendly addiction to water.

I hope this was helpful! I have so much to share but I don’t want to overwhelm you all! Remember your skin is unique. What works for some may not work for others. Do not give up hope! The right skin plan is out there. Go visit a licensed esthetician or nutritionist for advice. We (licensed professionals) have the training and experience for a reason and it’s to benefit you! We love to help!!! 
Take care my lovely friends!! Leave a comment below which part of my skincare routine you would like more info/suggestions on according to skin type!! 


Ride or Die Laura style

Although, I am a connoisseur of all things beauty, I do have a nice pile of items that I consistently reach for in my daily regimen. So I present to you my personal Ride or Die:

(Let’s start with skin care first)

Blood of Virgins- 

Just kidding. There’s not very many of those left…..I kid I kid. 

Dermalogica Precleanse-

Magic Eraser of makeup mayhem

What the fluff can I say more than everyone needs this. What? You say you’re afraid of oils? Yet, you slather coconut oil on everything in your life. We will get into that later. For now rest easy knowing this is a “water loving” oil that literally emulsifies and rinses off. Leaving a fantastic hydrated clean face. It even removes waterproof liner and liquid lippies! It’s my personal favorite to wash my brushes with as well.  
Mario Badescu Glycolic Toner-

Drop some acid on your face

Your skin is acidic. Your face wash is not. Reset your skin’s PH by swiping this on your mug. Your million dollar serum and face cream will thank you. Plus it helps to gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin. The price point is fantastic as well. 
Now onto the good stuff…..makeupz

L’Oréal Pro Matte, Pro Glow and Total Coverage foundation-

Holy Trinity

I’m not even joking about this. I wear these alone or mix these bad boys together and get more compliments on my skin than any other foundation. My husband said “your skin is glowing it looks so healthy..” Winning!!

Bite lip mask

Wyoming winter’s won’t stand a chance

Where has this been my whole life??? It makes me feel like a rich lady at a fancy spa. Plus it’s all natural. So you can eat it and not feel guilty. Wait. What?

Too Faced Better than sex

I think the name speaks for itself

I know. Everyone has opinions on this product. I personally love it. I have consistently bought this the last 4 times I needed mascara. It just works. However you can tell when 18 hrs is up. This shiz flakes off like an old folks home that knows it’s time for bed. 
Kat Von D Beauty Shade and Light eyeshadow-

A gift from the Goddess

Run. Don’t walk. You need this perfect combinations of Matte shadows. I don’t know how I lived so long without this amazing formula and color selection. Transition shades for days and I have a secret….come closer….I use the larger 3 shadows to brighten and contour up my gothy pale face. Besides that technical stuff, the packaging is absolutely a work of art and so freaking beautiful. 
Stila Stay all Day liquid eyeliner

Black as pitch…if you’re into that kind of thing

I know. I should say KVD beauty Tattoo liner but this one by Stila just provides the long lasting pitch black darkness my soul craves. My only complaint is how flimsy the felt tip gets after a million uses.  *Side note- KVD has truly budge proof formula but I have to layer it to make it opaque enough. I was sprayed with a keg of nitro cold brew coffee in the face and it didn’t run. Anywhere. True story. Just ask the poor customer who had to witness it. 

Flower Beauty Shimmer and Strobe HL palette-

Did I mention Drew Barrymore yet?

I bought this because I’m a mega Drew Barrymore fan. I didn’t have much expectations but when I applied this I was blown away. It is velvety and has a lot of pigment! Like a shiny metal statue! I love it and use it probably everyday. Plus you can’t go wrong with that price point. A little fallout but that’s the only negative I can say, which is only a negative on my black attire. That I wear. Everyday. 

Maybelline Age rewind concealer

Turn back the hands of time. Like Cher…. or her plastic surgeon.

I just can’t quit this. It’s lightweight and gives fantastic illumination. I always want to look a bit more awake. Like Morticia Addams. I also love how hydrating it feels. Maybe it’s the fancy goji berry complex but I like it. A lot. *Side note- I bought Tarte shape tape in hopes of upgrading my makeup status. Truthfully I feel like it accentuates my fine lines. I use it now to contour but dare not go near my delicate paper thin under eyes. 

How abouts some hairs product too?
Manic Panic hair color-

Oh the possibilities…..

Seriously. It’s vegan and amazing. I love how true the colors are and it’s extremely conditioning. I have yet to find a professional fashion color line that has the range and results. 
Drybar Detox dry shampoo and dry conditioner-

Handy dandy purse size for the gal on the go!

Hands down the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used. The scent is very pretty too and helps to absorb odors like campfire or bacon grease. The dry conditioner is amazing to smooth out your ends and refresh. A little goes a long way too and bonus points for not drying the fluff outta my scalp. 
Living Proof Timeless pre-shampoo treatment-

Well worth the splurge

It weirded my cosmetology brain to put something on my hair when it’s dry and before it’s washed. However, this shiz works! It protects my fashion color and makes my hair feel awesome. This product is on the higher price point but I drop quite a bit on refreshing my fashion colored hair. Using this has minimized how often I recolor/refresh my ends. I don’t know how I’ve lived without it. Plus those anti aging peptides convince me that my hair will be forever young. As long as I stop bleaching the hell out of it. 
So there you have it! My Ride or Die’s. As with anything what may work for me might not work for you. This is what I consistently reach for and feel an empty void in my soul without it. However, life changes and these opinions could change as well if, hold your tongue, the formulas change. God forbid. We all know how companies love to shake shiz up especially when dealing with the FDA. I’ll save that rant for another post!! (I have a lot of opinions if you didn’t notice)
What are your Ride or Die’s? Any that I should throw into my routine? Leave your comments below or post to any of our social media pages!! 


Meet Laura

Since I was a little girl, I have loved everything about fashion and beauty. For example: I loved it so much that when I was in preschool I made my own skincare and makeup from Mother Nature. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out well when I made the decision to skip the trusty gutter water mud mask and instead I used the “milk” from a fancy flower I found in my mom’s garden (Skin care can never start too young). A memorable and itchy learning lesson for sure. Continue reading “Meet Laura”