There is no “I ” in team…and other reasons I just can’t 

I feel like I had to write this post. I was driving to get my kiddo from school and it just hit me. I have to do a PSA. I owe it to all of you out there. 

For years now I have been flooded with inbox messages and emails asking me to “join their team” or “be part of the #1 growing home based company” yadayadayada. No offense is meant with this post but I want you and everyone else to know why I can’t join your team

Here is the countdown of my top 5 reasons
5) I’m an Aquarius. I hate commitment and being told what to do. I’m also a very ethical creature, so if your awesome business isn’t doing things I feel are “right” I can’t join. For example one company is selling a tool I do not believe is in the consumer’s best interest to operate by themselves. I feel it’s a fantastic way to spread infection, scarring and irreparable damage to their face. Possibly even causing folliculitis or MRSA. I’m serious. I am not ok with this. 

4) I have four degrees. Three of those are beauty industry related: Licensed cosmetologist 1600 hrs, Licensed esthetician 1200 hrs and esthetics instructor 650 hrs. I don’t consider my 800 hrs makeup artistry certification relative because it is not regulated in majority of the US. I spent way to much money on my education and training to just join a team of “hardworking gals” that don’t understand sanitation and disinfection procedures. No offense (although I mean a little bit of offense). If they were required to be certified by the board of cosmetology or board of health before doing house parties I might feel better. I actually went to a party where everyone was trying on makeup and using their fingers and double dipping applicators. I kindly told the rep that I witnessed some ladies doing that and she (no joke) tells me “Our products are guaranteed to not attract bacteria”. W. T. F. Are you fluffing serious? I will just leave the idiocracy of that statement right there for you to ponder. 

3) I don’t want a car, or a cruise, or extra spending money. That doesn’t entice me. Tell me what you love about this product line first. Approach potential salespersons as customers. I hate getting thirty emails that never get to the point. What do you sell? Is it shakes? Is it wraps? Is it everything? I’m confused……make me want to be part of your world. 

2) Just because I like to post my face on the interwebs doesn’t mean I will use those products. I have no interest in mediocre makeup and spiderlashes. Skincare is my life but half the time I am using a bajillion products and never put it in my captions. It seems like a waste of limited reader space (TLDR mentality).  Lipstick that never comes off scares me when I am trying to do several photo sets for the week. Wait, that’s Stevie, not me. I like to pretend I may possibly do a weeks worth of posts. Plus she is actually is a huge fan of that lipstick so I take that back. I guess my suggestion is know your audience or in this case your “teammate”. 

1 ) Last but not least I don’t want to isolate my audience. One of the nicest comments I received was recently when an avid reader messaged me asking for skin care advice. She stated “I love your skincare blog-it’s honest- and I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way- it’s not just someone trying to sell their products.” That melted my heart and made me so proud. My only purpose in life is to educate. I don’t want to make money. I want to have a few avid readers who feel like they are taking away something every time they read my mindless rambles. 

I love every one of you. Even if you sell products I still love you and admire your commitment. I love that you think I would be a great asset. Truth is I would be a terrible asset. I’m way too much of a disbeliever to be part of a team. I don’t even use the same toothpaste every night. 

My advice to you budding entrepreneurs: 

  • Find someone who believes in the products as much as you! I know you can do it. Who is your biggest buyer and start with them. If the person you approach has never even tried the product you’re wasting your time. 
  • Work on your pitch. Stop telling the world how “everyone asks me how I get to stay home” or “look how much money I made..”. Instead tell what your favorite product is. Start the conversation with how much you love this product and why. Make your audience crave that item not your lifestyle. People buy products not ego. 
  • Stop cold calling pro-mua’s or licensed professionals. Majority of us have been in this industry long enough to know the pitch. If we were interested we would be reaching out to you. Plus it’s almost daily I get hit up. I haven’t even seen this many d@&$ pics in my life. Just sayin……
  • The before and after photo bullarky has to stop. Nothing irks me more than a poorly lit before photo with a smiling face and the well lit after photo with no smile. Of course her fluffin wrinkles are gone!!! If I took a photo with my forward facing camera in the closet I would be a perfect before picture too! I want to see beautiful glowing healthy skin. With a few wrinkles. It’s ok. Let’s age gracefully. At least that’s what I keep telling my forehead lines…..

This all being said I think it’s awesome there a companies out there making money and helping their consultants make money. You do you. I appreciate your “boss-babe” mentality. It’s just not me. 

6 thoughts on “There is no “I ” in team…and other reasons I just can’t 

  1. Alright! It worked! My favorite before and after pictures are the hair skin and nails products. Head tilted forward for the before picture so hair looks shorter, and backward for the after hair looks longer. Roots exactly the same length, but “LOOK how my hair grew at least 3 inches in a week!”

    Also, little disclaimer for my love of lipsense. I like the product. Hate the pyramid scheme attached to it. 😂 I have a very special hatred for companies who make money off of people making investments into “home businesses”, since the parent company cannot make a normal business practice work. This product would be flying off shelves if it were more reasonably priced and easily accessible.

    Kay, rant over. I’m gonna finish washing my hair now. 😂

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  2. I completely agree! I am a LipSense distributor, but I refuse to bring people in under me. I want to sell a product I love and personally enjoy. I also agree that the company should lower their prices. Love you, Fairy God Tater!!


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