5 Skincare Myths and misconceptions 

We’ve all been there. Standing aimlessly in the skincare aisle looking at all the pretty labels and flashy packaging. We carefully read each box looking for the right product. Each box we pick up we hope that the angels will sing out and a glorious light will shine down upon our weary heads. But that never happens. The truth is majority of us are lost when it comes to picking out products that work for our skin. Even after almost 2 decades of experience I am still overwhelmed by all the choices.
It seems like every day a new fancy product or ingredient comes out and sweeps the industry. They all promise clearer, smoother, younger, healthier, glowing skin in rapid time. This clouds our judgment making decisions extremely complicated. Why does it have to be so hard?!?
I discovered years ago that it is easier to know what ingredients you are looking for versus what type of products you are choosing. Not all products are equal but majority of the time ingredients tend to not deviate from the norm. For example, if mineral oil makes you break out then any products with mineral oil will make you break out. There is no maybe. Just like an allergy you should stay away from the bad ingredients.

So that being said I wanted to enlighten and educate you about 5 myths and misconceptions I hear constantly about skincare products:

Wearing moisturizer will break you out if you are oily”- I hear this a lot. Let me explain why this isn’t true. First, your skin naturally produces oil to help protect and hydrate the skin. When your skin is too dry it will over-produce oil creating OILY SKIN. Then along with excessive sebum, aka oil, dead skin cells will clog the pores and add to majority of the reasons your skin breaks out. Now, I understand some people have naturally oily skin. It over produces oil on its own and this can cause frustration. If you treat oily skin and moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer you can tame the beast. There are also amazing products out there to help control oil while keeping the skin hydrated and clear.

Oil is so bad for your skin”- Have you ever washed your makeup off and it’s still hanging on? No matter how hard you try it rolls around on your cheeks. It’s not your super foaming face wash (although that can be a problem) but instead it’s the oil based ingredients in your products. Why do you think they put oil in eye makeup remover? Because…. oil breaks oil. It’s a fact and when you use the right oil it can make your skin love you back! I love cleansing oils that are hydrophilic “water loving”. This means they will still protect the skin but they won’t leave a residue and clog pores like apricot kernel oil. All skin types can use facial oils! You just have to use the right ones.

You should exfoliate your skin everyday”- Oh boy. This one kills me. Sure we all want smooth beautiful skin but over-exfoliating can cause abrasions and superficial cuts all over your beautiful face! This can then lead to: infections, hyperpigmentation, scars, breakouts, boils, and premature aging. This is the equivalent of never wearing sunscreen and washing with hot water every day. So that being said make sure you are exfoliating twice a week and if you use retinoids, AHA’s, or glycolic treatments be gentle. Those are chemical exfoliates that help to slough off dead skin cells too. Doubling up can reverse all the process you are trying to make.

Sunscreen is only necessary if I’m going outdoors”- Did you know that the overhead light sin office building produce UVA light? Weird right? So that can explain why office women tend to have more fine lines and wrinkles…… or maybe that’s just because they have terrible attitudes. Just kidding. Kind of. Sunscreen should be worn every day and make sure you are wearing at least SPF 15 if you are going to be indoors all day. This helps protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays that can cause premature aging, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles as well as melanoma. Yes, even those who aren’t outdoor lovers can get skin cancer. Make it simple and find a facial moisturizer with sunscreen already in it.

I’m too young to worry about skincare”- *Sigh* We once were young. All of us used to be or are or will be 21. My grandmother said to me once “The youth is wasted on the young”. I couldn’t agree more. Luckily my whole adult life has been encompassed within the skincare world. I am rapidly approaching 40 (yes 40 and no that’s not old) but I look much younger than I am. This is because I wore sunscreen and created a skincare regimen that was essential to my lifestyle. If you start young or even start old, it can slow down the effects of skin damage. Wear eye creams to help protect the delicate skin around your eyes especially if you wear makeup. Wash your face and do not fall asleep with makeup on. This can age your skin but also wreak havoc on your skins natural PH. Stop being ignorant, naive and lazy. Take care of the only skin you were given. Its OK. No one will judge you for being awesome.
So what are some other skincare myths you’ve heard? Comment below and let’s debunk them together!! 

One thought on “5 Skincare Myths and misconceptions 

  1. Ok first of all glad to see the collab of two amazing and beautiful babes i know 2ndly it was a great post loved readimg it took me a while to figure out the commenting plz do a blog post on your personal skin care if you can much love limarakhan


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