Draw me like one of your French girl….I mean…skin care

The hunt for perfect skin care items seems endless. In my world at least. I recently decided to purchase a bunch of higher price point products and give them a whirl.

 This is one of many upcoming higher end skincare reviews and I hope your enjoy it. Please, please, please, remember what worked for me or didn’t work may be completely different for you! I always try things at least for a month before I make a decision. Unless they really suck. Then it’s hasta la vista. 

Let’s begin shall we:


It just sounds fancy. French and fancy. Like creme brûlée. Even though deep inside we know it’s just fancy pudding and just the fact you use a blow torch to melt the sugar on top makes it extra super cool. That’s kind of how I view French skincare and makeup brands. They’re so elegant and fancy. I know deep inside it’s probably the same as other brands but just that fact a French girl may have possibly designed it makes me give them all my money. There’s something about these brands. We aspire to be beautiful and refined like these brands. Sipping our tiny cups of coffee and reading poetry while looking eau naturale effortlessly in the daytime. Le sigh. 

 That being said I don’t want to crush your fancy Francophile dreams buuuuuuut if you want to go French for skincare these products I tried, may not be the way to go. Once again…..Please don’t hate me after this. 

Of the 4 products I tried wasn’t overwhelmed by a single one. To clarify, I didn’t hate them, I just was far from impressed. I received these deluxe size via Sephora insider rewards. 500 points for travel size goodies. (I love trying things out before committing to the full size). I had also been eyeballing Caudalie for years and never made the plunge. I really had been interested in the Vinosource moisturizing sorbet ( once again it just sound so fancy!) Caudalie’s claim to fame is its use of grape vine for its antioxidant properties. Wine for your face. Who could say no? My first impression of this little kit was that the size for a 500 point reward was pretty decent. It came with:

Instant foaming cleanser 

Vinosource moisturizing sorbet

Instant detox mask

Resveratol lift eye cream

Of course being an ambitious skincare junkie I dove right in!

 Let’s break it down by product:

Instant Foaming cleanser– you know when the hand soap feels like it didn’t do anything? That’s how this felt. I also hate squeaky clean skin. I don’t like the feeling or the concept of squeaky oil free skin it creeps me the heck out. I like my skin to feel hydrated even after I wash it. Like I could step outside and awe the crowd with my glowing skin. This foaming cleanser did nothing except dry the fluff out of my face. It somehow leave all the makeup and grime on my skin but managed to suck the life out. I also felt like I had to use a lot of product to even make my face feel somewhat clean. Like several fluffy cloud pumps. Fluffy drying nuthin. Perfect description. You’re welcome. 

Vinosource Sorbet– I wanted sooooo bad to like this. It sounds like a delicious treat for your skin. However, once again, it left my skin needing more moisture. I even doubled up on it to really pack the moisture in. Nothing. Zip. Nada. It didn’t even have a scent that made it worthwhile. You guys. I’m so bummed. Plus the travel size bottle was probably only filled maybe 75% full. So it’s almost gone after a few uses. I get it. It’s a tiny travel trial deluxe sample size but way to skimp on the goods buddy. I can’t even say this would be good for another skin type it was so lackluster. I could recommend maybe for someone who wants light moisture. It does apply and absorb beautifully. It’s just…….so Boring and blahse. 

Instant detox mask– yay. Another boring clay mask. Wait. Was that rude? Probably but let’s be honest here everyone has a clay mask. I will let you know when I find the best one which still is to be found. This isn’t it. My skin didn’t even glow or feel awesome. I guess for a clay mask to put on your not so troubled skin it could be fantastic. I might add that this made the Elle magazine top beauty list! Whuuu??  It only made me even more bitter that 500 points were wasted on this fancy fail. I will Clay away from this. (Pretty punny, huh?)

Resveratol lift eye cream– Meh. It takes 30-45 days to see skin improvement. I’ll let you know how I feel about this one. Nothing miraculous. It doesn’t weigh heavy on the delicate skin and absorbs rather well. It also does, however, have more product than the Vino sorbet tube. So that’s cool. Eye don’t know yet…….

Conclusion: As I was linking each of these items I couldn’t help to see that they have fantastic reviews! Like seriously. I don’t know where I went wrong. So overall I’m super disappointed but I really want to give it another go. I will probably will pick up some of the beauty elixirs to try because why not? Plus the holiday season is fast approaching and gift sets are the bomb. Am I right??!? 

(I know some will ask and as for French skin care lines I highly recommend Lancome. I love their products. I know they tend to be really fragranced but their Energie De Vie line is bombtastic. It really made my hormonal combo skin happy. Yes, the price is high but quality cannot be sacrificed for quantity.)

Have you guys tried any Caudalie? What do you like? What didn’t you like?

4 thoughts on “Draw me like one of your French girl….I mean…skin care

  1. I got the Sorbet and the Vinosource serum for my bday gift at sephora. They both totally rocked my world, but I’m more combo/oily and I have tons of hyperpigmentation. Just recently ran out of the Sorbet and I almost cried. Luckily my husband’s bday is rolling around. I have him signed up for birthday gifts at ulta and sephora.

    I found the best use for the Sorbet was under my makeup. The serum I use when I need a little something extra in my nighttime skincare routine.

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  2. Same on the sorbet. I took the travel size on vacation, like you I kept doubling up and waiting. Not a drop of moisture in that jazz. I seriously considered wiping hand lotion on my face. Can’t believe I blew so many sephora points on that sample box.

    Liked by 1 person

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