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What is your all-time favorite foundation?

Stevie: My all-time holy grail foundation is actually a BB cream, but I’ve been using it since it was classified as a tinted moisturizer! (A LONG TIME) it is Tarte’s BB Cream in Light. It has enough coverage to help hide minor imperfections, but isn’t cakey at all – and allows my powder foundation and concealer to do the heavy lifting only where necessary. Warning though – it definitely oxidizes, so grab a few shades as a sample first at your local store to try out and find your perfect color.

Laura: This is like asking me to pick my favorite child! For affordable drug store I love the L’Oréal Infallible pro-Matte and pro-glow. (Check out my ride or Die post) As for Prestige brand I too love Tarte but I’m a sucker for the Amazonian Clay foundation. It makes my skin look airbrushed and doesn’t break me out. I prefer full coverage because I like the added protection from free radicals and the sun. Yet this doesn’t make me look pancake faced. 

-Best Primer?

Stevie: I find that primers don’t do a lot of good for me, so you’ll find me using them very infrequently. However, some favorites of mine are Heroes Beauty, CoverFx Anti-Acne Mattifying Primer, and Hourglass.

Laura: I use a primer only to hydrate my skin and balance out the oil. I am a huge fan of Too Faced Hangover primer with coconut water. It smells awesome and makes my face feel nice. However lately I have been using Urban Decay B6 prep spray and Dermalogica Active moist for my primer. 

-Is it better to use BB Cream or Foundation?

Stevie: This really depends on how much coverage you need. BB Cream is a category of products that has much lighter coverage, and in fact, once was called tinted moisturizer. If you have a lot of discoloration or skin issues to hide, a regular foundation is a better bet – since it will hide more of these so-called imperfections. There are also quite a few levels of coverage within the foundation category, so I suggest trying samples of a few to determine how much coverage you need. My favorite mix is to use BB Cream as a base with Powder Foundation to set.

Laura: So it’s all about preference. If you’re taking care of your skin and using quality products, you can use whichever one you prefer. BB stands for Beauty Balm and CC is Color correcting. Some BB creams can have a fantastic coverage and provide skincare benefits at the same time. Buuuut so can foundation. If you find the right ones. It’s all about product and ingredient knowledge. It helps you make the right decision when choosing a product. I personally have fallen in love with It cosmetics CC cream. It’s light but has enough coverage plus it’s SPF 50! (My little dark heart rejoices) Added bonus is the anti-aging serum and pore minimizing primer. Products are so subjective! What someone likes others may not. Definitely try things before you commit! That’s what makes beauty stores awesome is all the testers. 

-Best drugstore primer for combination skin?

Stevie: I swear this isn’t me being a princess, I don’t think I have ever used a drugstore primer! I very rarely use them under my makeup, so most of what I have was either given to me, or samples that I received with purchases of other items. Hopefully Laura has a better answer for you on this one!

Laura: Oh my…I have to think..actually I do really like NYX primers! Especially the Hydra touch one. I also remember when Maybelline released the Baby face one and I did use that for a bit during my poor kid phase. I hope that helps. Maybe this is something Stevie and I should do as a review in the future??

What is the trick to getting eyeliner the same for both eyes? Which products are the best and easiest to use, which don’t involve tape?

Stevie: I find that prayers are the most important part of the process. Eyeliner is tricky, and even seasoned vets get scared everytime we put that liner on, because as the meme goes…it can sense your fear! I prefer gel liner with a fine angled brush, as the gel does not spread on my wrinkly eye skin (any felt tip or liquid liner just makes a huge mess for me) and gels are thicker and more precise. As much as I would love to give you the perfect liner, I haven’t found a great one yet. I’m using beauty bakerie right now and it works well but is pricey for a tiny pot. ELF used to make a great one, then they watered it down. Now, I actually use a bit of tape, pulled off of the back of my hand to soften the adhesive after I have marked a thin starter line (to get that angle right). BUT if you don’t want to put tape on your sensitive skin I totally understand. just work with tiny strokes and a stiff fine bristled brush and go little by little. Again, pray! It really is one of those situations where practice makes slightly better than before.

Laura: I use Stila stay all day liquid liner. I just watched a video from Kat Von D explaining how to draw the perfect liner. I will link it here. I found using light strokes makes me mess up. So I go for the gold and draw my starting line above my lashline in one full motion. Now for application on other people, I use the side of the felt tip to press it into the eye and then in one motion outwardly I smooth the top line. To create a wing I have always done the little curvy wing because I like it. Work from your ending point of the wing inward. That way you create the same length on both sides. I don’t like tape cause I’m a skin snob. However, the side of a business card can help when contouring your shadow and creating a sharp edge for liner. It takes practice. Lots of practice. Everyone does it differently too! Don’t get discouraged. Find what works for you and don’t let the internet police tell you it’s wrong. Unless it makes you look like Hatchet Face from Crybaby. 

-What is the best eyeshadow primer?

Stevie: I love TooFaced Shadow insurance, but also use MAC cream concealer in the lightest shade quite often. It gives you an even toned base to work on, so the only color variance is your shadow. TooFaced glitter glue is also pretty clutch.

Laura: Hands down Too Faced Shadow insurance is my fav. I also love the underrated Benefit Air Patrol. I love that it doesn’t have that silicone slip to it and it has SPF in it. It’s a BB cream for your lids! It dries Matte and has a great coverage so if I don’t want to wear shadow it protects and evens out my skin tone.

Do you believe that there are any beauty trends, colors, or looks that should stop with age? Or can I continue to rock any damn look I want to for as long as I want to?

Stevie: Is this the best question ever asked? Probably! Am I going to answer it in a pages long novel? You betcha. There are “rules” to makeup which help to direct people who are just learning or do not love makeup like we do. Some people are pretty steadfast about these rules, like they’re societal etiquette. I am not. I am all for having general guidelines to get you started – but if you are 50, 60, 900 years old and want to cover your entire face in glitter – DO IT ALL DAY EVERYDAY BABY! This is for you, and the most beautiful thing a person can wear is confidence – so throw those middle fingers up to anyone who opens their mouth about anything fun you put on your face!

Laura: Heck no!! I am almost 40 and I refuse to ever stop being me. If you embrace your inner self and rock that look who cares what anyone says. I live in a town of 60k and growing up I was always the weird kid. I still am but my clientele is Country club mature women who love their funky haired stylist. I own my look. There are too many opinions about what is ok in the beauty world. I say fluff them. We all are unique. Let’s act like it! Embrace your fellow beauty enthusiasts and that will make it easier to rock looks at any age. Whew. End rant. Did I answer that question?……..
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