The Perfect Pout

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This past Wednesday, I came to the realization that the public side of the blogging/instagram/internet world probably isn’t for me. I walked into this stunningly lovely event, full of beautiful people, all gathered together to celebrate the launch of a fantastic lipstick line…and my heart sank. I don’t belong here. I’m not as beautiful, fabulous, confident or socially astute as any one of the people here.

But that’s a story for another day. I promise – I texted Laura on my way home from the event, and told her how I felt and instantly knew that it had to be put down in words. Especially from the amazing responses I got from you all on my anxiety post the other day. Mental illness is a huge thing nowadays, and we should be all helping each other work through it, not pretending it doesn’t exist. So stay tuned for that post – it’ll be a doozy.

Back to this event I attended….I dragged my gorgeous coworker Ashley along with me, as I knew I was going to be an awkwardly nervous wreck in front of all these new people – and also partially because trying to get to West Hollywood from El Segundo (LAX, basically) in a decent timeframe is a nearly impossible feat when you’re driving alone.

13 miles away = 1 hour and 15 minutes drive. (Welcome to LA)

We arrived just before the star of the show, Dr. Kaplan did. We were handed an adorable menu with cocktails named after each of the lipsticks, who themselves are named after famous locales within Los Angeles : Hollywood, Beverly, Santa Monica, Roxbury, Rodeo, and Melrose.

I asked for a Hollywood, which was a Mezcal based drink with a spicy kick but plenty of sweet fruity goodness to not burn a hole through my empty stomach, (Damn, you diettttttt!) and immediately made friends with the lovely man who was holding a giant tray of food.

After we had a drink in our hands and a few bites in our tummies, Ashley and I wandered around the private space of the restaurant and checked out the giant posters of gorgeous gals wearing each of these lipsticks, even catching some of the girls taking photos with their own posters. The entire lipstick line was featured in multiple locations, in case you wanted to grab and play with them to explore.

Thankfully, I was one of the lucky people who were able to receive and test out the entire line prior to the launch, so I didn’t have to push through the beauties playing with the testers. These lippies are a semi-sheer ultra-moisturizing formula in the most awesomely sleek twist-up packaging with fun little trap doors the bullet actually peeks out of.

They boast 22 certified organic extracts, SPF 30, and advanced anti-aging actives. This lipstick is packed with Shea butter and beeswax for moisture, Seabuckthorn Berry extract which is 20x more moisturizing than vitamin E, and my fave part/the star of the show….a combo of Maxi-Lip, Tri-Peptide and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres. Think healthy plumping – not irritating plumpers like concentrated mint extracts and capsaicin (what makes a chili pepper spicy) these kinds of plumpers irritate your skin to the point your capillaries open up and swell with blood. This lipstick is more gentle with its plumping, wears like a balm, but heals like a treatment.


The shades are beautifully sheer – but still pack a gorgeous punch of color that enhances your natural look and brings plenty of color to the table. As a liquid lipstick addict – these lippies are the perfect break to help heal and repair the drying, cracking damage my matte lippies inflict upon the delicate lip skin on my face.

The evening ended when Dr. Kaplan – the creator/namesake of the lipstick line (as well as a stunningly great skincare line) stood in front of us, and thanked us all for coming. He shared a lot of the details I’ve shared with you today about this line of lip colors, as well as his reason for creating it. So many women come to him wanting lip fillers to help them look more youthful – and bless his heart, he wants to help us be more youthful and beautiful without needles! So much of what we want to fix with injectables can be fixed without them. Feeding your body and skin the right nutrients, taking care of your skin, and using the right products can make a bigger difference than a quick fix with a syringe can. Just ask Laura – she’ll tell you all about it!

Find Kaplan MD products at or on the Kaplan MD website!

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10 thoughts on “The Perfect Pout

    1. It is amazing what a familiar face in an unfamiliar place can do for your confidence. I was still a bundle of nerves even with a friend there – but it was such a fun event, I really need to snap out of it! xoxoxox


    1. Oh dear, I didn’t mean to upset anyone – I just felt so strongly about the entire event, I knew I wouldn’t be alone in my anxious feelings and had to share. Glad you can relate. xoxoxo


  1. You should be a writer! I can so relate with those feelings too. One time I had to stand up front, at an event with my family and all i could do was shake uncontrollably, lol. Maybe if i knew in advance that we were going to be called upon things would have been different. Anyhoodles thanks for your story!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww, you are far too kind! I knew sharing would bring everyone out with their feelings as well – so I am so glad I did. I am so sorry that you have these feelings too. It is not easy to deal with, BUT – I survived this party, you survived the public speaking at a family event, so we know its going to be okay…we can be strong love. XOXOX


  2. I can’t even imagine you not looking perfectly in place there. But I do understand the anxiety we inflict on ourselves. You’re a beauty inside and out! Sounds like a fabulous event!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awww, my sweet! Thank you. I actually had this conversation with Laura, I looked very much like all of the other girls who were there – but somehow felt so disconnected and different. It was such a wildly eye opening event. I powered through, though…and won’t let that keep me from going to the next one! xoxox Thank you my darling!!!


  3. Great post, Stevie!! I’m not able to go to big public events especially alone. I went to GenBeauty San Francisco last year, November 2016, took my son’s girlfriend with me. It was so much fun! I missed this year because I didn’t have anyone to go with me. I’m glad you had someone to drag along with you so that you got to enjoy yourself for a bit. It’s nice to get out once in awhile. Keep up the great writing!! You did such a great job! ~ Marcie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so very much for the kind words. I enjoy putting the words on paper. It feels so cathartic. I’m sure the next one will be a doozy. So sorry you didn’t get to go to GenBeauty this year, but I hear they’re getting more and more hectic! Definitely a great thing to get out regularly- but so amazing to have the support of a loved one to power through it with you. xoxoxox


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