The end…of summer

Le gasp! Can you believe that it’s almost the end of summer? Well, for some of us, it is rapidly approaching. Seeing the middle of August on my calendar I felt this was the perfect time to give you all some guidance on how to cope with the changing of the seasons affecting your skin!

Everyone’s skin is different ( you’re probably going to be tired of me saying that) and if you checked out my previous post it will offer more of a direction on routine. This post will be all about preventive maintenance in the form of 5 handy steps to getting your skin in shape for the Fall.

1) Treat your skin to a facial– If you don’t already do this you are missing out! Not only is it relaxing and pampering, it’s also a great way to stimulate cell renewal and circulate the lymphatic system. Extremely important to help move bacteria and other  microorganisms into the lymph nodes to be destroyed. This keeping your tissues healthier. I don’t recommend anything aggressive like chemical exfoliations and microdermabrasion UNLESS you are done hanging out in the great outdoors for a few weeks. Sloughing off the upper layer exposes beautiful fresh skin that will pigment and can be damaged quickly if you are not careful. So make absolutely sure you are done being a golden goddess for a while. I always like to get my aggressive treatments after the first snowfall or cold snap for you lucky snow free folk. (Need a good on a budget at home facial? Comment below and I’ll write one up!)

2) Throw away expired product- This is the perfect chance to do some decluttering in your life. When your throwing out those pics of exes you should also throw out the products that have been around too long. I won’t get into the makeup part but for skin care you should toss moisturizers and eye creams 6-9 mos after opening. I personally feel, if you are sticking your grubby hands in the container you should keep it 3 months max. Save yourself some trouble and get a plastic or bamboo scoop to dispense products in jars. If you hate a product and you’re still holding onto it throw it away! If the jar is pretty or it’s a status symbol of a splurge gone bad, I say scoop out the product and use the jar for something else. Put you $20 face cream in the $300 jar……not that I do that or anything………
3) Use a gentle cleanser- You’re probably asking yourself how this is an end of summer tip. When the seasons change your skin can freak the freak out. By using a gentle sulfate-free cleanser it can ease the growing pains. My favorite is Special cleansing gel or Ultra calming cleanser from Dermalogica. (It’s hard to find fragrance free products sometimes because according to the FDA fragrance is also a preservative and vice versa). The most important thing is to not strip your acid mantle which can cause undue stress to your skin. Be gentle. You’ll thank me later.

4) Switch your moisturizer- I can guarantee what worked for you this summer will not be the best for the upcoming fall season. For one, your skin will be faced with different elements. Be it snow, wind, rain, sun, tacos etc. Your skin will be different. I personally switch to a heavier hydration because Wyoming is extra harsh with wind and cold. Experiment. Get samples and try them out. It’s ok to buy the sample size until you know what works. (I’m currently in love with Origins sample set I picked up from Ulta. It’s amazing and I found tons of new favorites).

5) Drink lots of water- I know. I know. How cliche but what do you have to lose?  Although it hasn’t been proven to improve skin health, it hasn’t been disproven. Water flushes toxins out of the body. Your skin is the largest organ of the human body with an area of 20 square feet…..whaaaat?? That’s a lot of skin. Because your skin is one of the few visible organs it will show signs of illness and disturbances in the body.  Sallow skin, hives, or dry patches can give clues to internal problems. When you drink water it reaches your organs and cells before it will reach your skin but fear not, that’s ok! You need healthy organs and cells. They keep us running smooth. It’s been proven that dehydration causes headaches and fatigue. Nobody like headaches or being tired. So detox your body with water. Not coffee. Not soda. Waaater.

So there you have it friends! 5 simple end of summer tips to help you transition into the next season. You can apply this to any seasonal change. I even made an adorable infographic for you to pin to Pinterest or save!

What are your tips for end of summer skincare?? 

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