Subculture – ABH

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Fallout Eyeshadow Palette ABH

Oh the scandal! The intrigue! The Drama!

After the generally accepted awesomeness of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette – I was halfway floored to hear the chatter around the quality of the Subculture Palette. I say halfway because the criticism was completely surprising based on the unabashed love fest that was held by all who tried the Modern Renaissance Palette – and not surprising at all because we all know internet bandwagon outrage is a big thing.


ABH Subculture – Untouched

I know that sounds like I’m putting down people who are disappointed with this palette – I truly am not. But, scandal and drama spread like wildfire. There are a lot of people who judge very quickly – or worse, only take the most bombastic reviews as truth  instead of weighing many thought out opinions and coming to their own conclusions. Yes, I understand you are here to hear my take on this palette, and thats the fun part of being in this community – we all influence and VALUE each other’s opinions.

So here goes! I **GASP** like this palette, a lot. The fall shades are right up my alley, the peachy/orange shades are right on trend, and the warm neutrals make my green-eyed heart happy! I find the formula of the mattes to be just like the Modern Renaissance Palette – buttery smooth and as a result – quite soft. Soft, pigmented shadows require a lighter touch, don’t go digging into your Subculture shadows like you would a Morphe Palette.

Worst Swatches of my Life!

I have found that the darker shades in this palette are significantly darker than those in the Modern Renaissance Palette – therefore they will by nature be less forgiving. You can’t just smear Rowdy on your primed lid and expect it to blend out beautifully. You need to use transition colors to work up to those deep shades (notice the “colors” there – you need more than one to blend). In the below eye look I used on my primed eyelid (in order): Suva Beauty Milk as a base/highlight, Dawn, Edge, Destiny, Untamed and Axis – with Electric in the cut crease. In this order, the colors blended like a dream. With the exception of Electric – but I’ll address those pesky shimmer shades later.

Mustard/Green Look

My second look using this palette worked with the warm tones and mustardy neutrals, again, the only issue I had with these shades was using the shimmer shade Cube – which as you can see from my swatches (above) just really doesn’t have much pigmentation. The shades in order of use are: Dawn, Edge, Roxy, All Star, Rowdy, and Cube in the cut crease.

Warm Neutral Look

On to those pesky, pesky shimmer shades. Upon receipt of the palette, the first thing I noticed was the crumbly pebbly texture of Electric in the pan. Please excuse my horrendous macro skills, but see the entire right hand side of this shadow? It looks like if I shook it the right way, it’d just fall out of the pan. Thankfully it didn’t, but it did do that weird cakey thing that some shimmer shadows do – where a hard film develops over the top at first touch, with both brush and finger (think the shimmery shades in Bobbi Brown Palettes and The Huda Beauty glitter shades.) you basically have to scrape off the top and try to use it as a loose pigment. I had the same issue with Cube in this palette – and have suspicions about Adorn, though I have only swatched it.

Questionable Quality Pan

As far as the similarities between the Jeffree Star Androgyny palette and the Subculture – they’re definitely quite obvious. There’s no denying a lot of colors are dupes for each other. I cannot speak to the quality of one vs. the other, because Jeffree Star sent me a shipping notification 2 weeks after I ordered Androgyny, but never actually handed my package to the post office for delivery. They had me waiting over a week for a response to my persistent emails, then simply refunded my money. No palette, and I refuse to order again based on that horrible customer service experience. So, based on my experience, ABH wins!

Artsy Fartsy Macro

Do you have any other questions or concerns about this palette? Shoot em to me down below, I’m happy to address!!!

5 thoughts on “Subculture – ABH

  1. I want it now. Love the ABH Modern Renaissance. I am netral skin tone with hazel green eyes and loved your tutorials. I am contemplating it. I do have UD naked 2, 3 and Heat. Also have few other UD pallets but ABH has not disappointed me so far. Their matte lipsticks are the only non drying.


  2. I adore mine. I’ve had the same problem with Cube and Electric but I’m figuring it out. Didn’t have the problem with Adorn however! Yes, I love this palette. Zero regrets.

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  3. Mine should be here tomorrow! I didn’t buy in to all the drama. Honestly, I found the “brush swirling” to be excessive and wonder how any palette could survive that. I don’t treat my eyeshadows that way. Lol. The second look above 😍😍😍😍😍! I’m going to have to see if I can replicate it! You should do some tutorials for us!!!

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