How the Magic Happened

For your consideration: a newlywed style origin story of our friendship/sweet little blog:

Where did you meet?

Laura: I was walking the streets of IG and stumbled upon the coolest navy and yellow eyeshadow pic. It was lub at first sight.

Stevie: (OMG you shouldn’t have let me read Laura’s answers before typing my own, I’m currently wondering if my remembrance of these events is accurate at all! Here goes anyway!) Early on in my Instagram days, I was looking for cheap and easy ways to grow a following, and somehow stumbled upon the underworld and Β #F4F hashtag. This was way back in 2016, so the MUA Follow Train hadn’t become a thing yet. I tried to weed through the creeps and weirdos and landed on @lolanan – now @lolanan_beauty. Her feed was intriguing and she looked like a fun person who wouldn’t track me down and murder me – so I took the dive!

Who initiated first contact?

L: I think I did. I was trying to build my makeup artist network and knew that the best way was to actually talk to people. Stevie responded back. I felt cool. We made a joke that the universe would implode if we began to talk in real life versus IG. It hasn’t ripped a hole in the space time continuum yet. So we good.

S: I feel like I followed first, but being a weird mix of outgoing and cripplingly shy – I believe she was the first to start liking and commenting – and most definitely DM’ed me first. She’s a badass like that. She even asked me for my number after DM’s started getting annoying and inconvenient. Nobody’s asked me for my number since the 12 times my husband has – so I blushed and felt a little tickle inside. I don’t think we’ve gone a day without texting since then. Don’t tell my husband – I am 90% sure I text her more than I text him.


When did you KNOW she was the one (you wanted to start a blog with)?

L: I always felt that we were the same person. When Stevie made the proposition I was like “hells yes!”

S: I was feeling a little down on myself for doing such a terrible job of keeping up with my 18,000 social media accounts and blog. I was probably stuffing carbs and other various calories into my mouthwhen it just hit me. If I had a partner, I would only have to do HALF of the work! My mind immediately went to Laura and how our Instagram feeds are basically the exact opposite of each other. Hers is dark and undersaturated while mine is bright and probably obnoxiously colorful. I spent the rest of the night brainstorming how we could use that perfect juxtaposition to bring our love of beauty to page and, most importantly, you. After feeling really nervous for the rest of the next day – I proposed that she be my blog wife – and the rest is soon to be history.


Most awkward moment?

L: We haven’t had one. Yet……

S: Just you wait! It’s coming. Hopefully on camera so we can share it with you guys and replay it over and over and over and over and over again! Wait – I have a good one. I thought we had finally gotten to the point in our friendship where I could text and complain about gross sex stuff (sorry kids) so I went right on into something completely embarrassing and gross…….this chick left me on READ and I heard CRICKETSSSSSS for what seemed like hours. Turns out she has real life friends and was hanging in a bar, and couldn’t text back right away. Mortified.


First date?

L: We live over 1000 miles apart and 4 states away. We get to meet in real life July 21st!! Sooo exciting.

S: I have dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant the day she comes into town. It’ll be weird because my husband will be our third wheel, but he’s really cute and 1,000 times more personable than I am. So we’ll power through. I hope I don’t make her sick with cheddar bacon biscuits – blowing her diet. (I make everyone around me fat.)


Favorite thing about her?

L: Stevie understands me. We will literally be texting the same thing simultaneously. It’s really eerie sometimes.

S: So that I don’t bore you by saying “samesies” I’ll try to come up with something different. Though, samesies. It really is weird how much we agree or have the same exact ideas. I would have to say #2 would be how Laura always has a great explanation whenever I’m befuddled by something:

“Laura, why is this guy in the grocery store such an asshole?”

“Well, Stevie – It’s probably because he sat in poison ivy yesterday while peeping in his neighbors window – and his butt is on fire.”


Least favorite thing about her?

L: She’s way too reasonable. I’ll come in “swinging” and she makes me rethink my irrational tirade. Cause she’s a good person.

S: Ha! Jokes on you, Laura. I’m really just pretending to be my husband when I do that. I don’t actually live that way IRL. You love everything about me. My least favorite thing about her? She didn’t find me on MySpace when she lived in Los Angeles. She would have been my BFFFL and life would have been fluffing amazeballs. We’d probably rule the world by now.


What are you most excited about for the future?

L: The futures so bright I gotta wear shades!! The possibilities are endless and I have my beauty BFF by my side!!

S: Helicopter money. Not because I want to be rich and famous, but because when we have helicopter money, (for all of you who are slow like me – enough money to have our own helicopters) we can visit each other whenever the flufffff we want to.

10 thoughts on “How the Magic Happened

  1. I’ve said a bunch of times that you two are my IG faves and beyond nice even to a “creepy” old guy like me that started following MUA’s to bond more with his teenage daughter (it’s worked btw). She loves that I know what she’s talking about (even more than her mom) when we’re in Ulta, Sephora, or even Morphe. I wish you both continued success and can’t wait to see more.


    1. If you’re a creepy old guy, I really wonder what that makes me! You are awesome, and we both love you to pieces and appreciate your support and interaction more than you’ll ever be able to know. Its so heartwarming to hear people like us have helped you bond with your daughter!!! That’s so amazing! I wish my dad would take me to the Morphe store and buy me stuffffffs! XOXOXO


  2. I’ve been following Laura on Insta for ages and loved her humour, hair and makeup looks. It’s great to hear of real friendships that developed through Insta. I wish you both all the best with your blogging.


  3. I wish you both the best for your new baby. I have been following Stevie for a while on IG, and now so excited to be following both of you and your blog. Kisses to you both.


  4. Maggie from @maggies_studio here!

    Reading this just made me so happy! One of the best things about Instagram in my opinion is the community! So many amazing relationships can be built! And I definitely think y’alls is one to watch! Talk about #squadgoals!


  5. Guy totally deserved the itchy asshole. Wait… can we swear on blogs??? Ugh… idk how to behave in polite society. But, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who says weird shit. @ForeverAmanda25


  6. This is soooo romantic I ship you guys!! Staura???? I wish you both the BESTEST of the best of luck with your blogging you guys are gonna ACE the blogging game πŸ’“ Instagram: geo.xcx


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