Meet Stevie

Oh hello! I’m Stevie, half of Aesthetic & Contrast – I’d say the weird, quirky, silly half – but I can’t count the number of “me too!” moments I have with my blogging partner, Laura. I also can’t take credit for being the creative one or the funny one, so let’s go with the blonde one. I’m definitely blonde. Here’s a little peek into what brought me here today:

By the time I hit the 7th grade, I was ready to start growing out of my tomboy shell. Boys started looking like more than just kids to dominate in handball or foursquare on the playground- and my creative side was looking for a new outlet.

Enter hot pink mascara from the outlet makeup store, body glitter from the 99 Cent Store, and hunter green eyeliner freshly lifted from the local Rite Aid. Kind of like all of the rest of the lip glosses and cotton candy body sprays that also magically walked out without a receipt. (Laura and I are kindred spirits)

Also overused in those early years –my sister’s tweezers. They never got a rest. Seriously. It was only about 8 years ago that I started scaling back on the Pamela Anderson brows – and only around my wedding (thank god for that) did I learn how to use brow products.


Pictured: What NOT to do to your eyebrows

Through middle and high school, I realized that college was not for me – which was helpful, since my parents weren’t going to be able to help at all with tuition even if it were. So I planned on getting my cosmetology license for a background in all things beauty – then off to makeup school for studio makeup and sfx training. Somewhere along the line (around hour 1100 of 1600) I gave up on beauty school because a boy was crapping on my dreams, telling me I’d never finish and even if I did, I wouldn’t make anything of myself.

I quit school and continued freelancing for weddings, proms and some photographer friends I had made. Some major shakeups in my life happened and I gave up on my dreams and started bartending. Fast forward many years to meeting my now husband, falling majorly in love with the best human I have ever met, and soon abandoned the fast, easy cash of bartending.


Pictured: Happiness

One of my bridesmaids created an Instagram account for me to document all of our wedding adventures – so I start browsing (falling down the rabbit hole of) the explore page and become just absolutely enamored with Samantha Ravndahl. A young gorgeous makeup artist with wit, a feisty attitude and just awesome work. I quickly followed and started finding other makeup accounts – it was then that a seed was planted. I wanted back in. This is my life, what I havealways wanted to do and share with others.


Pictured: Girl Crush

1.5 years later I’ve got nearly 1,000 posts on Instagram, a ridiculous room filled with beauty products that leave me happy and fulfilled – and all of you guys to interact with and learn from. I cannot wait to see what the next few years bring, and I am absolutely thrilled to be tackling this next adventure with Laura to bring you even more info, insight, opinions and ridiculousness in the form of blog posts.

Here we go!


14 thoughts on “Meet Stevie

  1. Aww Stevie I’m so happy for you.
    You are going to do big things and I see your on to the next path life leads till BIG things come your way. I’ve loved you since day 1 of seeing you. Sam is your girl crush and you are mine!! You are absolutely gorgeous and do amazing things with makeup. I wish we were neighbors but then again I would prolly knock on ur door daily so I’m glad I live in Ohio. I’m so incredibly proud of you and how far you’ve come. I know one day I’ll get on IG and you’ll be announcing your own makeup line. Don’t stop doing what you love. Keep reaching for the stars love. Xoxo


  2. Very excited for you! I love stalking your Instagram account. You got me started on my z palette obsession! I aspire to have a colorful collection like yours someday. 😉 Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your blog posts. ~Pkyblndrfan


  3. I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate this blog thing… Christ I’m social media backwards… @ForeverAmanda25


  4. I’m so excited to see what the future brings for you!! You sounded a little like me when I was younger hahahah. You and Laura deserve everything positive that comes your way especially after all of your hard work xoxo insta: geo.xcx


  5. You really do seem like an amazing person. It is wonderful that you found your passion and decided to embrace it with all of you!
    Ig: mjpandita


  6. So beautiful, i love it , and Glad that you found your passion, i’m so passionate about makeup too i want to become a good makeup artist someday 🙈 ❤️ well best of luck for your coming years. 💗💗 ig: s__beautyy_


  7. Your so adorable, you guys are gonna knock this out of the park!! So thankful you found the way back to beauty so I can obsess over your amazing skills. All the best lovely ladies xx


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