Meet Laura

Since I was a little girl, I have loved everything about fashion and beauty. For example: I loved it so much that when I was in preschool I made my own skincare and makeup from Mother Nature. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out well when I made the decision to skip the trusty gutter water mud mask and instead I used the “milk” from a fancy flower I found in my mom’s garden (Skin care can never start too young). A memorable and itchy learning lesson for sure. Fortunately, it didn’t stop my quest for “beauty”. My first makeup kit was from Jcpenny’s children’s department. Shiny heart shaped plastic palette that was hot pink filled with bright eyeshadows and glittery lippies. Very similar to the ones they still make today, but probably without the lead from China. I only enjoyed it for a few minutes because truth be told I stole it. Yes. I admit it! I think I was 6 or 7 but I still remember locking the bathroom door (which was a huge no-no in my house of 8 siblings). My mom caught me redhanded after I tried to hide the evidence under the bathroom sink. Could it have been the blue eyeshadow that gave it away? Humiliatingly, my mother made me return it and made me tell them I was a thief. A tiny kindergarten felon. Lesson learned. Again.

High on sugar and ready to 5 finger discount some makeup


From then on I stuck to “borrowing” my nana, mom, and older sister’s makeup. The drive to be a Makeup artist ran through my veins like a drug. I continued engrossing myself in everything beauty. Back then we didn’t have the internet (I may have just aged myself) and this meant that majority of my research was from magazines and television. I read my grandmother’s Redbook and Woman’s Day hanging on every word… “Wash your face..” “Drink water…..” “Wear hats and sunscreen…”. You can only imagine how stoked I was when I discovered Teen and Seventeen magazine!

Peacock Bangs were all the rage

When middle school hit I discovered my love for everything dark and evil. Deliciously evil (10 points to anyone who can name that quote!). Punk rock was my new obsession. It modified and transformed into multiple evil genres including but not limited to goth, metal, psychobilly, etc etc etc.  Any vampire, punk rock, or skater movie became my fashion muse. Black eyeliner is my oldest and dearest friend. Never leave home without it.

Words. I’m lost for them.

After decades of dabbling in beauty, I decided to pursue my dreams. As a young adult I accumulated several degrees/certifications primarily focused in skin. *Truth be told I am obsessed with all things skin. The art of makeup starts with the canvas aka your skin.

So let’s break down the basic education/training I have splurged I mean invested in: Master Skin Esthetician and Instructor license, Lymphatic drainage massage, Master Makeup Artist, Cosmetology, and Salon Manager. Not to mention all the brand training I have done as well. Plus, I have a Bachelor’s in Economics and Business Communications. I like math. I like education. I believe you should never stop learning. (My husband says I am an accumulator of educational debt!) Overall I’ve been in this industry professionally for almost 20 years. Yup. Definitely aged myself there. Truth be told, I never really found my place until recently. Instagram, maturity and an amazing support system has helped me accomplish much more than I had anticipated for this year.

Husband and Wife (we have a spooky podcast too!)
The most gentle and inspiring human I know. My son Gryffin.

I feel this is a great place to stop and I want to tell you all how excited I am and honored that we have your support on this journey! Stevie and I can’t wait to share our knowledge but also learn from you all as well! Buckle up cause this is going to be one sweet fluffin ride……..

-Laura aka Lola Nan

12 thoughts on “Meet Laura

  1. I’m really digging the multi-color green hair lately. Can you tell me more about your spooky podcast? I’m not into podcasts mostly because idk wtf they are or where to find them. Listening to people kind of puts me to sleep… but I’d be willing to try it once! @ForeverAmanda25

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey love! Our podcast can be found on Instagram: Weirdo lowdown podcast. It’s just my husband and I bantering back and forth about weird creepy and/or paranormal things! I’d be ok if you fell asleep. I won’t judge you at all. Sleep is very important!!


  2. I’m totally digging the green hair! reading this I was laughing so hard! The only thing I’ve ever stole is a build-a-burger one time and I was so frightened, I’m glad you don’t have sticky fingers anymore (as my mum calls it.) I really want a photo with a turtle like your son has! Lucky! I really look forward to seeing what the future holds for you and stevie! ❤ geo.xcx

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    1. I’m so glad I could make you laugh!! I luckily outgrew that felonious phase of my life. I hope one day you can get a tortoise pic too! Thanks so much for your kind words.


  3. Love the hair and eyebrows!! 😂 I love everything dark and mysterious as well . You and your husband are adorable wish I had someone like that ! Nice to meet you and what dye do you use in your hair ? I use manic panic because it’s vegan and last a very long time . @shelbythcreator


  4. I can relate to you so much! I LOVED makeup and pretending to wear face masks as a kid. I remember climbing to the very top of a shelf to steal my mom’s makeup. Lipstick was my absolute favorite! Nearing high school I swung towards the goth, punk, edgy scene. And now I’m looking into the educational courses I can start on while still doing my job and being a mama to my wonderful 9 month old son!
    I can’t wait to hear more from you inspiring ladies! @heatherrro


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